Rechargeable Battery Pack with 3600mAh

The battery pack SM-BP3600 is a convenient with multi voltages (8V/9V/12V) of power source that is rechargeable to provide power for devices such as wireless camera, LCD monitor and many other types of mobile electronics from anywhere, anytime. With 3600mAh of high capacity of power, it can provide many hours of usage for a device. For example, it provides 18 hours of usage for a wireless camera that require 8VDC 100mA. In addition, the battery pack has many safety features such as the guard against damage low-voltage electronics, anti-shock resistance designed, and more.


  • Convenient multi voltage selector (switch) of 8V, 9V, and 12V.

  • 3600mAh power capacity for many hours of usage.

  • Applicable to wireless security cameras, portable LCD monitors, portable DVD players, and handheld GPS.

  • 2 -in -1 DC output cable for 2 different standard sizes of connector jack of electronic devices.

  • LED indications for the battery capacity levels and voltage selected.

  • Auto shut off when it detects an overload of power or a short circuit occurrence.

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  • Battery Type: Li-ion

  • Input: 12VDC 1.5A

  • Output: DC-8V/9V/12V (switch with LEDs)

  • Capacity: 3600mAh

  • Dimension: 142.80 x 88.80 x 15.8mm

  • Weight: 260g


  • DC9v - 1500mA LCD Monitor: 8.5 hrs (Drain Time); 3 hrs 15 min (Charge Time)

  • DC8v - 100mA wireless camera: 18 hrs (Drain Time); 3 hrs 15 min (Charge Time)

  • DC9v - 400mA wireless handheld LCD monitor: 8.5 hrs (Drain Time); 3 hrs 15 min (Charge Time)

  • DC9v - 120mA wireless camera: 22 hrs (Drain Time); 3 hrs 15 min (Charge Time)

Product Contents

  • The battery pack SM-BP3600

  • AC/DC Charger

  • 2 -in -1 DC Output Cable