Internet Monitoring and Video Recording System with 1 Outdoor/ Indoor Wireless Camera - Night Vision

  • Cost-effective solution for video recording and remote monitoring over the internet

  • Converts wired/wireless camera(s) into internet camera(s)

  • Turns your PC into a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

  • Includes PC software for recording, playback and remote monitoring

  • Easily turn wired/wireless camera(s) to Internet camera(s).

  • Easily turn a PC into a DVR (digital video recorder) for recording.

  • Includes 2 D.I.Y. mini wireless indoor color cameras (SM-8009) with audio.

  • SM-8009 camera can transmit up to 100ft indoor without any Wi-Fi interference or any interference from 2.4Hz/5.8GHz devices.

  • Upgradable in the future by adding 2 more wired cameras.

  • MPEG4 video compression for higher quality picture and streaming video.

  • USB2.0 good for faster/smoother video transmission.

  • Real time video recording rate at total 30fps(NTSC) / 25fps(PAL).

  • PTZ control. (require PTZ camera with supported protocol plus RS-485 port on the PC).

  • Schedule or video motion detection recording.

  • Supports one channel audio recording.

  • Supports remote monitoring and remote playback from web browser.

  • Supports static IP or dynamic domain name.

  • Auto-email, buzzer sound, pre-alarm record, and alert notification by motion detection

  • User Management (User Name and Password) security control.

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USB Internet Camera and DVR Convertor Box

  • USB Internet Camera and DVR Convertor Box : iCamDVR

  • Wireless camera : ClearCam II

Product Contents

  • 1 x iCamDVR (USB Internet Camera and DVR Convertor Box with software CD & manual)

  • 1 x SM-8123T (Wi-Fi Interference Free Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Color Camera with Bracket)

  • 1 x SM-7034 (wireless receiver with antennas)

  • 1 x 8v AC Adapter

  • 1 x 12v AC adapter

  • 1 x AV Cable

  • 1 x ClearCam(SM-8123T+SM-7034) Manual