Economical 4-ch Standalone Digital Video Recorder

The SecurityMan DVR-04 is a very affordable video security system specially designed for small businesses and homes. It is great for price sensitive and dummy users. It has much less tech support issues due to HDD failure which is often caused by user's improper usage of removable HDD. It is a space-saving compact size system for up to 4 color and/or B/W cameras. Unlike VCR tapes, it displays clear and smooth Motion-JPEG images and will not be deteriorated over a long time usage; it records much longer time than VCR without frequent tape-changing; and it allows you to search and play back instantly based on date and time, without tape rewinding and forwarding hassles. The recorded video is also transferable to a PC or notebook via USB connection and the PC Player software for video reviewing, printing, emailing, or saving to PC hard disk, CD, or any available media.


  • Built-in video motion detection and buzzer for video loss detection

  • Easy-to-use VCR-like button controls and reliable embedded standalone DVR.

  • Real time live display clear and full motion pictures.

  • Up to 30fps (25fps for PAL) global recording frame rate shared by up to 4 cameras.

  • Proprietary review software on the system itself (embedded) or a PC to ensure authenticity.

  • Selectable two record modes (Quad or Each) and three video quality levels (Low, Normal, & High).

  • With 80GB hard drive, records up to 52hrs @ 30fps; 1942hrs @ 1fps

Available models:

  • DVR-04 (bare system. no HDD)

  • DVR-04-80 (w/ 80GB HDD)

  • DVR-04-200 (w/ 200GB HDD)

  • DVR-04-250 (w/ 250GB HDD)

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  • Video Input format: NTSC/PAL - Switch-able

  • Operating System: Non-PC (Embedded proprietary OS) - Ensure video authenticity & viewable without hard drive installed.

  • Video Input Channel: 4-ch BNC

  • Video Output channel: 2 BNC - Allow backup to tape with VCR connection or additional display with 2nd monitor connection

  • Video loop-through: 4-ch BNC

  • Alarm I/O: 4 Inputs / 1 Output (10-pin dip-switch)

  • Buzzer: Build-in on board - Video loss detection

  • Display frame: NTSC: 120fps global (4x30fps); PAL: 100fps global (4x25fps)

  • Recording frame rate (quad mode): NTSC: Max.30fps (quad) - Quad screen only; PAL:    Max.25fps(quad) - Quad screen only

  • Recording frame rate (each mode): NTSC: 30fps global (max.7.5fps each) - Full single & quad screen; PAL: 25fps global (max.6.25fps each) -

  • Full single & quad screen

  • Resolution: Live Display: NTSC:720x480; PAL:720x576

  • Recording Resolution: NTSC:640x224; PAL:640x272

  • Compression Format: MJPEG - Low: 12Kb/frame; Normal:15Kb/frame; High:20Kb/frame

  • Storage: One IDE hard drive - Standard DVR-04-80 (80GB)

  • USB: 1 x USB port - PC connection

  • Watch-dog function: Power recovery auto boot-up and back to previous recording mode - On site presence is not necessary.

  • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C

  • Power Source: AC/DC Adapter 12V DC Input

  • Power Consumption: 25 Watt

  • Dimension: 315 x 224 x 52mm (12.4”x 9”x 2”)

  • Weight (Net/Gross): 5lbs / 7lbd (w/hard drive)

  • Certificate: FCC,CE