DigiAir-SD Q & A
Q1: There is an “ERR” showing on the screen when I inserted the SD card into my receiver, why?
A1: Please make sure the SD card is inserted correctly; ensure the SD card label is faced down so that the 8 gold plated windows are facing you and try to insert the SD card at a moderate rate and not too slow.
Q2: I can not hear any sound from my television?  

A2: Check the connections between the receiver and the television, specifically the red and/or white connectors are plugged in correctly.  Check the volume setting on the television.  Make sure there is noise or someone talking near the camera where the microphone is located.

Q3: What is the black stylus “pen-like” used for? 

A3: The stylus is a tool that can be sued to pari the camera to the receiver.  Refer to page 20 fo the user’s manual for more information on how to pair multiple cameras.  The digital camera that comes in the kit is be default paired to the wireless digital receiver.

Q4: Can the digital wireless camera be paired to more than one receiver? 

A4: No, the digital wireless camera can only be paired to one receiver.  This is to prevent other devices from picking up the signal.

Q5: Can I use two or more DigiAir-SD kits in the same location or add additional camera to the receiver? 

A5: Yes, it is recommended no more than 10 kits. Make sure to pair/match each camera(s) to their respective channel on the receiver(s).  A mixture of cameras can be paired to one receiver, or each camera paired to their respective receiver, each receiver can support up to 4 digital cameras max.

Q6: Can I record each camera individually at the same time? 

A6: No, the recorder only records what is displaying on the screen.  This means that you will only record video from a particular channel when it is displayed on the monitor.

Tip: Enable motion detection and set the live view to “QUAD VIEW”.  This allows the system to record a channel when motion is detected for the set time frame and then record the next channel (1~4) that detects motion as soon as the previous recroding has stopped.

Q7: Why does my “Wireless Camera” kit have a power cable? 

A7: “Wireless” referes to the lack of a video cable(s) between the camera and the receiver.  The camera and the receiver still require a power source for them to operate as a wireless transmitter and wireless receiver.

Q8: What is the recommended operating temperature and humidity for DigiAir-SD camera kit? 

A8: The recommended operating temperature is 14~140 degree fahrenheit and humidity of 20~80% RH.

Q9: How can I transfer recorded files to my PC? 

A9: Remove the memory card from the receiver and insert it into a cmpatible SD card reader.

Q10: What is the maximum distance I can have between the camera and the receiver? 

A10: Typically 330 feet in an open space (clear line of site) and 130 feet indoor.  Please keep in mind that the walls, studs and any large objects (furniture) can hinder to interfere with the range of wireless transmission.  If you are experiencing interference try repositioning the camera and/or receiver to acheive optimal signal strength.

Q11: Do I need to take any extra precautions when using my camera outdoors? 

A11: Yes, to prevent electrical shock or damage to the camera, please be sure to properly put the power connector in an enclosed weatherproof housing and protect the power transformer so that moisture cannot intervene.

Q12: The image from the camera is choppy and/or keeps cutting out or there is no picture from my camera? 

A12: The wireless receiver may be out of range of the camera.  Check all connections to the camera and the receiver.  Make sure that the camera and receiver are both turned ON.  Adjust and reposition both the camera and the receiver for better picture quality.

Q13: Why am I getting alot of noise distrotion when I use the two way audio feature between the camera and the receiver? 

A13: The camera and the receiver may be too close.  Please make sure they are at least 10~15 feet apart from one another.  Volume level set on the camera and on the receiver may be set too high producing higher gain background noise, please reduce the volume level for both the camera and the receiver.

Q14: Can the system adjust to daylight save time or time displaying a 12-hours clock? 

A14: No there is no daylight saving time setting on the DVR, please change the date/time manually if necessary.  This DVR is equipped with 24-hour clock format only.

Q15: The camera records fine when in manual record mode, but I cannot get it to record in Motion Detection.  “M” shows on the screen display, video, and 2 min. is highlighted, but no recording occurred when motion is detected, why? 

A15: “M” means manual recording, not motion recording.  To activate motion detection recording, press the “OK” button, and the motion icon will appear in the top center of the display screen.  The motion LED Detect indicator light on teh receiver will turn solid blue.  Please reference pag10~11 of the user’s manual for more detail.

Q16: I accidently changed the video standard on the DVR from NTSC to PAL and now there is nothing showing on my TV/Monitor.  How do I change it back to NTSC?

A16: Please do the following:

*Turn the DVR off then ON and wait 10 seconds.

*Then press:

1)MENU button (3rd button)

2)OK button

3)RIGHT button

4)OK button

5)UP button

6)OK button