ClockCamDVR Q & A
Q1: After changing the setting, I click “SAVE”, but the changes I made remained unchanged.  Is there something wrong with the software?
A1: No, there is nothing wrong with the software.  After clicking on “SAVE”, press and hold the “SYNC” button located on the back side of ClockCamDVR for 5 seconds to save and synchronize the settings. Refer to page 11 of the user’s manual to setup date and time of the system.
Q2: The “Record LED” is ON, but there is no video file being recorded?


A2:  When the “Record LED” is ON, it means the ClockCamDVR is not recording.  When the “Record LED” is OFF, it means the ClockCamDVR is recording.

Q3: What is a TF card?


A3: TF (transFlash) is the same as a Micro SD card.  Micro SD/TF cards usually come with adapters so that you can use them between devices that use SD or Micro SD.

Q4:  How can I transfer and playback recorded files to my PC and/or TV?
A4-1: Remove the memory card from the DVR and insert it into a compatible SD card reader.
If you are using a PC:
• A window will pop-up asking you whether you would like to browse files on the memory card or launch Windows Media Player.  If the pop-up window does not appear, open My Computer and find the memory card in the list of drives.
A4-2: Connect the DVR directly to your PC using the supplied mini USB cable.
A4-3: Connect the DVR directly to your TV using the supplied A/V cable (playback only).
Q5: Can the system adjust to daylight savings time?
A5: No, there is no automatic daylight savings time setting on the DVR.  Changes to the date/time must be set manually if necessary.
Q6: Can I use the USB mini port to convert my PC into a DVR?
A6:  No, the USB mini port can be used for playback or file transfer purposes only and is to be used when a PC card reader is not available.
Q7: Will the DVR operate only using the AA battery?
  No, the AA batteries are only for the clock, you still need to use the supplied power adapter in order for the DVR to function properly.
Q8: Does it record Audio?
No it does not record audio. 
Q9: I changed the date/time settings on the comptuer, but when II click on “Save’, a message show “Invalid Date”?
Unplug the SUB cable from the computer and plug it back in.  Try plugging in the USB cable into other USB slots on the computer.