Customer Reviews

SECURITYMAN Waterproof Digital Video Recorder

GRABIL Technologies

introduced me to this excellent tool and allowed me to use it for a period of time.
I call the SECURITYMAN FlashDVR a tool because the more I used it, the more I found I was reaching for it as part of my regular daily kit.  As a Police Officer, the DVR can be an integral device to capture evidence ‘on the spot’ or allow me to recollect various situations and scenes with better accuracy. The LED flashlight is intense and was reliable throughout my shift, with regard to battery strength.  When the situation presented itself, I had no issues luminating any subject matter with the broad beam. To have the capability to switch the Colour DVR on with the simple power button conveniently located next to the light button proved to be invaluable on many occasions. The night vision, the high quality of video, as well as the amazing quality of audio recording on this compact unit makes the SECURITYMAN Flash DVR an integral piece of equipment that I will rely on.  The fact that there is no software to download –that it’s all in the unit- makes it ‘fool proof’ and compatible for many applications. The rugged rubber exterior provides an excellent grip in any environment. If this unit were available with a secure belt clip and in Black or Navy Blue it would be a terrific match for the rest of my kit.
Thank you for this opportunity, Cst. Anil MAHARAJ #851