SolarPIR Q & A
Q1:  How do I know if my SolarPIR is armed or not?
A1:  The only way to determine whether or not the SolarPIR is armed or disarmed is to make movement in front of the unit.  The SolarPIR will beep and the siren will sound (after the 5 second entry delay has expired) when the motion is detected indicating that the unit is armed.
Q2:  How do I know when it is time to change the batteries?
A2:  The red “Low Battery” LED located at the top center of the unit will stay lit whenever the batteries are running low and need to be replaced.
Q3:  Can I use rechargeable batteries in the SolarPIR?
A3:  No, the solar panels used are designed to help extend the battery life only.  Not recharge the batteries.
Q4: Can the SolarPIR operate solely on solar power? 

A4: No, the solar panel used are desigend to help extend the battery life only.

Q5: Can the SolarPIR be used in an outdoor environment?


A5: No, the SolarPIR has no IP reating and is designed for indoor use only.

Q6: Will my dog or cat trigger the siren to go off? 


A6: No, the motion sensor is pet immune to all pets up to 11lb. (5Kg) to reduce false alarm.

Q7: Will removing or replacing the batteries in the SolarPIR cause the password to reset? 


A7: Yes, by removing or replacing the batteries will reset the password back to the manufacturer default setting.

Q8: Can the SolarPIR notify me by phone when triggered? 


A8: No, the SolarPIR will only emit a 130dB alarm sound when motion is detected.