FlashDVR Q & A
Q1: Is it posible to use FlashDVR as a regular flash memory?


A1: Yes, the FlashDR can also be used as a regular USB flash memory storage device.

Q2: Can I add more memory to the FlashDVR?


A2: No, the FlashDVR is equipped with 4GB of memory and it cannot be upgraded.  Be sure back up all the recorded data first and then empty or free up space from the DVR when connecting the FlashDVR to your personal computer.

Q3: How Deep can I dive with the FlashDVR? 

A3: The FlashDVR can be submerged up to 10m deep.

Q4: Is the microphone waterproof when submerging FlashDVR under water?


A4: Yes, the microphone is waterproof and FlahDVR can be submerged under water, please make sure to use the rubber plug attached to the front of the FlashDVR to plug into the microphone port for under water recording.

Q5: There is a little threaded hole at the rear of the FlashDVR, what is that used for?


A5: The little threaded hole at the rear of the FlahDVR is for production use only.  Please ignore the threaded hole at the rear of FlashDVR.