SM-3803 (Solar Dummy Camera) Q & A
Q1: Will the SM-3803 solar dummy camera work solely on solar power?


A1: Yes, the SM-3803 solar dummy camera will operate on solar power, battery is not required.  However, we strongly recommend using standard batteries or rechargeable batteries to insure enough power is being supplied during rainy or cloudy days or in places where there is not enough lighting for solar to operate.

Q2: Can I add more than one dummy camera in the same location?


A2: Yes, you can add as many dummy camera’s as you want in the same location to increase security presence.

Q3: Can the SM-3803 be used outdoor?

A3: Yes, the SM-3803 can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment.

Q4: If i use rechargeable batteries, will the solar panel charge my rechargeable batteries?


A4: Yes, if the rechargeable batteries are in use and there is enough lighting in the environment, the solar panel will charge the rechargeable batteries.