Q1: Does the PC playaback software (Vx4SLPlayer) work with Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit operation system? 

A1: No, the Vx4SLPa=layer is not compatible with 64-bit operation system.  However, the playback software is fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 operation system running on 32-bit.

Q2: What type of hard drive interface does the DVR uses and what is the maximum drive capacity? 

A2: LCDDVR4 use SATA hard drive interface.  The maximum hard drive capacity can support up to 2.5TB.

Q3: Can I use a USB mouse on LCDDVR4?
No, LCDDVR4 support PS2 mouse only, and it does not support USB mouse.  The USB port located on the right side of LCD screen is for video backup and firmware update purposes.
Q4: Can I set Manual Recording on Channel 1, Motion Detection Recording on Channel 2, and Time Recording on Channel 3 and 4?
No, once the type of recording is set, it applies to all 4 channels.
Q5: I cannot load manufacturer’s system default setting? 

A5: Please restart the DVR and then press the QUAD button on the front of the DVR 20 times to reset the LCDDVR4 back to the orginal manufacturer’s default setting.

Q6: When I try to set Schedule Recording, what do those number mean?
LCDDVR4 uses military time.  The number 3 means 3 o’clock in the morning (3am), 15 means 3 o’clock in the afternoon(3pm), and so forth.
Q7: When motion and sensor time schedule is active; will manual recording continues to operate? 

A7: Yes, manual recording will continue to operate and dominate even when motion and senosor schedule are active.

Q8: There is this “1%” on my screen, what does it mean?
It means currently the hard drive is used 1% of its total capacity.  The percentge will continue to increase as day goes by.  When it reaches 100%, it means the hard drive it full.  If ‘Overwrite’ option is set, the DVR will automatically start to overwrite the oldest data in the hard drive and the 100% will cycle down to 1% and looping.
Q9: When I insert a USB flash drive into the USB port, I cannot backup the recorded file(s) to the my USB flash drive, why?
Please make sure the USB flash drive is formatted as FAT32 file system format.  LCDDVR4 does not support USB flash drive that is formatted as NTFS or FAT16.
Q10: I cannot playback the VVF files on my computer? 

A10: Make sure the USB flash drive mounted on the computer when pluggin via USB port and that the USB port is a USB built-in port on the computer.  If it does not mount, try to plug the flash drive into another available USB port on the computer.  Else re-install the player software from the CD

Q11: Can I add more than 4 cameras to my DVR? 

A11: No, the LCDDVR4 is only capable of supporting up to 4 cameras; however more than one LCDDVR4’s can be used in one location to help accomodate more than 4 cameras.

Q12: Can I remote access my DVR over the internet or view it live with my smart phone? 

A12: No, please consider any of our network series of DVR’s for these features.

Q13: The power switch is turned on, but the power LED light is blinking and the screen is blank.  What is wrong?  

A13: Make sure you are using the correct A/C adapter associated with the monitor: Output 12VDC 5.0A.