DigiminiAir Q & A
Q1: Can I have multiple receivers operating in the same location?
A1:Yes, as long as the receivers are a meter apart from one another, it is possible to connect up to 4 receivers in the same room or location.


Q2: Why I get weak signal even though the receiver and camera are next to each other?


A2:Perhaps the receiver and camera are too close, try to distance them out at least 10~15ft apart for better reception.


Q3: What’s the recommended distance when pairing new cameras?


A3: For best results, pairing should be done within 20 feet of the receiver and camera.  After successfully being paired to the receiver, you can then unplug and mount the camera in the desired location.


Q4: Does DigioutAir support 4 channel view?


A4: No, DigioutAir does not support 4 channel view.


Q5: Do I need to take any extra precautions when using my camera outdoors?


A5: Yes, to prevent electric shock or damage to the camera, please be sure to properly insolate the cameras microphone and power connections if being used as an outdoor application.


Q6: If there is a blackout, will the camera still pair with the receiver when the power comes back?


Yes, the pairing between the camera and receiver will never be lost due to power failure.


Q7: The image from the camera(s) are choppy, keeps cutting out, sometimes no picture displaying, and distorted?


A7:The wireless receiver may be out of range of the camera(s).  Check all connections to the camera and the receiver. Make sure that the camera and receiver are both ON and that the camera is in range of the receiver. Check the PAL/NTSC settings on your TV are correct for your region.  If his does not fix the problem, check the connections between the receiver and TV to be secured.  If you are using a long RCA cable (over 15ft), try using a shorter one, particularly if there are other electrical devices located close to the TV and receiver.


Q8: I can’t hear any sound on my TV?


A8:Check the connections between the receiver and the TV, specifically the RCA connectors are plugged in correctly.  Also, remember that the range of the microphone is not the same as the rage of the camera.  The microphone will only pick up sound within a few feet if the microphone is enclosed (unless the sound is very loud).  Try moving the microphone and receiver to various locations for better image receptions and audio receptions.


Q9: What does ’clear line of sight’ mean?


A9:“Clear line of sight’ means that there are no obstructions which may interfer with the transmission of the wireless signal.  Obstructions include items such as studs, walls and certain electronic devices.


Q10: How do I remove the camera from the receiver?


A10:The camera can be removed from the receiver by unplugging the power to the camera and/or pairing another camera over the existing paired camera.


Q11: Does the system have auto switching feature to view channels? 


A11:No, channel switching only happens when the user presses the “channel” button on the back of receiver.  The system does not have auto channel switching feature.


Q12: Can the receiver pair-up with other Securityman Digital products?


A12: Yes, the receiver can also be paired with SM-703DT and SM-209DT digital wireless cameras.


Q13: Can I connect the receiver to any TV?


Yes, you can connect the receiver to any TV that has RCA connection input(s).






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