Customer Reviews
HomeDVR Series:
September 2012 


On February 29th, 2012, My wife and I purchased a SerurityMan mini Home DVR system from Heartland America. We have been experiencing vandalism and theft on out property and in the community. Approximately 3 weeks later we noticed our car had been broken into. We were able to look back at the DVR to see who had broken into our car. We were able to identify a suspect who lived across the parking lot from us. We notified Orlando PD, and they viewed the recording, and were surprised that we were smart to have a mini DVR. Without the Dvr system, we would not have been able to prosecute the suspect. The police were amazed how good the picture quality was in night viewing. The officers asked me, where I bought the mini DVR. I told them it was ordered from Heartland America and that the brand is SecurityMan Inc. Thanks to SecurityMan, my wife and children feel safe knowing we have the extra added security. I recommend the SecurityMan mini Dvr to anyone who is looking to add extra security to their house or apartment.




The Ortizs