SM-400MC Q & A
Q1: Can the angle of camera be adjusted to various degrees?


A1: No, the angle of camera is fixed.  However, you can adjust the camera body and camera bracket to optimize your viewing angle.

Q2: What is the main differences between SM-400MC and SM-2100, why are they alike?  

A2: From the appearances, they looked the same.  The main differences, SM-2100 is the dummy camera that does not have camera lens and the SM-400MC is a real camera with real lens designed inside the same housing.

Q3: I need a BNC-to-RCA converter, where can I purchase one? 

A3: The converter can be purchased at any local electronic store in your area, such as RadioShack, Frys Electronics, and etc.
It can also be purchase through online merchant such as and .

Q4: Do I need a digital video recorder in order for SM-400MC to function properly? 

A4: It really depends on what you plan to do.  If you just want to live monitoring, then a recording device is not required.  Simply
connect the SM-400MC wired camera to your TV/surveillance for live monitoring.  If you want to record activities, then you will need to connect the SM-400MC camera to a recording source.

Q5: Is the SM-400 MC equipped with PTZ features? 

A5: No, the SM-400 MC is designed to look like a PTZ camera.  The SM-400MC is not a PTZ camera.

Q6: There is no picture from my camera? 

A6: Make sure the video connection from the camera to your TV/DVR is connected properly/securely and the AC power adapter are connected.

Q7: I can’t hear any sound on my TV? 

A7: The SM-400MC is not equipped with any audio features.