SmatCamDVR Q & A
Q1: Can I use the USB mini port to convert my PC into a DVR?


A1:No, the USB mini port can be used for playback or file transfer purposes from the Micro SD card only when a PC card reader is not available.

Q2: How can I transfer and playback recorded files from my PC or TV?


A2:Yes file transfer and playback can be accomplish by removing the memory card from the SmartCamDVR and inserting it into a compatible SD card reader or PC with built-in card reader. The second methods is to connect the DVR directly to your PC using the supplied mini USB cable.

If you are using a PC:
• A window will pop-up asking you whether you would like to browse files on the memory card or launch Windows Media Player.  If the pop-up window does not appear, open My Computer and find the memory card in the list of drives.

File transfer and playback recorded files on your TV will not be possible.  However, you can get live video feed to output on your TV by connecting the audio/video cable to your TV (no audio for live feed to TV, playing back recorded file contain audio).

Q3: Can the system adjust to daylight savings time?


A3: No, there is no daylight savings time setting on the SmartCamDVR.  Changes to the date/time must be set manually as necessary.

Q4: What is a TF card?


A4: TF (transFlash) is the same as a microSD card and can be used in devices made for the other.
Note: MicroSD/TransFlash cards usually come with adapters so that you can use them in PDAs, phones, game consoles, card readers, digital cameras, and other devices that use SD or MiniSD.

Q5: Can remote access to monitor or view my camera?


A5: No, the SmartCamDVR is a stand-alone self contained camera with built-in DVR and cannot be viewed remotely.

Q6: Can I use the camera without the remote control?


A6: Yes, you can operate the SmartCamDVR using the control buttons located on the back of the camera.

Q7: Is the SmartCamDVR equipped with night vision?


A7: No, the SmartCamDVR does not come with night vision.  We recommend lamp post lighting near-by the SmartCamDVR at night time for best picture quality.

Q8: I can’t hear any sound on my TV during live view?

A8: The SmartCamSD does not transmit audio during live view but it does record audio which can be heard when playing back recorded files.

Q9:Can I use SmartCamDVR as a webcam?

A9: No, SmartCamDVR cannot be used as a webcam.

Q10: Can I control multiple SmartCamDVRs with one remote, or each SmartCamDVR only works with the remote that comes with the package?

A10: Yes, one remote are capable of controlling multiple SmartCamDVR as long as the SmartCamDVR has the IR receiver connected and they are within proximity.

Q11: When the SmartCamDVR is connecting to a computer, can I view the camera live on that computer?

A11: No, the camera cannot be live viewed on a computer.

Q12: I accidently delete the setup file, and now I cannot configure the SmartCamDVR.  What should I do?

A12: Please visit our software support page,, and download the setup file.