Q1: Can the system adjust to daylight savings time?
A1:No, there is no daylight savings time setting on the DVR.  Changes to the date/time must be set manually if necessary. 

Q2: How can I transfer and playback recorded files to my PC?
A2-1: Remove the memory card from the PIR-SD and insert it into a compatible SD card reader.
If you are using a PC:
• A window will pop-up asking you whether you would like to browse files on the memory card or launch Windows Media Player.  If the pop-up window does not appear, open My Computer and find the memory card in the list of drives.
A2-2: Connect the PIR-SD directly to your PC using the supplied mini USB cable.


Q3: Can I use the USB mini port to convert my PC into a DVR?
A3:No, the USB mini port can be used for playback or file transfer purposes only and is to be used when a PC card reader is not available.


Q4: Will my dog or cat trigger the motion detection recording?
A4:No. the PIR-SD is pet immune to all pets up to 32 lbs (10 kg) to reduce false alarms


Q5:  Can the PIR-SD be used outside?
A5:No, the PIR-SD has no IP rating and is designed for indoor use only.


Q6: Can I use more than one PIR-SD in the same location?
A6:Yes, you can use as many PIR-SD’s as needed to fulfill your security needs.


Q7: Can the PIR-SD be accessed remotely through my smart phone or computer?
A7:No, The PIR-SD is a stand-alone self contained DVR and cannot be viewed remotely.


Q8: Can I pair more than one remote control to arm/disarm the PIR-SD?
A8:Yes, you can pair as many remote controls as needed.


Q9: Is the PIR-SD equipped with night vision?


Q10: Can I use the camera without the remote control?


Q11:  I have either the Air-Alarm1 or the Air-AlarmII from SecurityMan, can I integrate the PIR-SD to the Air-Alarm systems?

A11: Yes, the PIR-SD can be used as a stand alone device or it can be integrated with the SecurityMan’s Air-Alarm1 and Air-AlarmII systems, zones 11 to 15.  Please be noted that when integrating with the alarm host, a few seconds of delayed recording are normal.


Q12:  When I playback my SD card, there is only one video file in the entire card.  what happened to all my previously recorded files?

A12: Try formatting your SD card.  The firmware/software might have been corrupted.