Carcam-SD Q & A
Q1: When I power on the Carcam-SD, the LCD screen turns on for 3 seconds, and then it turns off automatically. Why is that?

A1:That is because you have the AV cable plug in the AV Output. Please remove the AV cable, and you will able to see on the LCD screen

Q2: When the Carcam-SD is recording, the LCD monitor turns off automatically after 30 seconds, is this normal?

A2:yes. The LCD monitor is designed to turn off automatically after 30 seconds due to two reasons: 1. to save power, and 2. Drivers will not get distracted while they are using our product and driving.

Q3: Does Carcam-SD save a specific video file, to continue the loop recording without erasing a specified video?

A3: yes, video files can be saved two ways. One, if they are “locked” by the G sensor detecting in a crash, and two, by the driver stopping the looped recording.

Q4: Does Carcam-SD keep running even if the car power if off?

A4: it depends on your car’s DC outlet. Some cars’ power outlet still has power when the car is off, and some cars’ power outlet turn off when the car is turn off.

Q5: Does Carcam-SD need to be plugged in the entire time while driving? Does it have a built-in battery?

A5:Yes, it has a built-in rechargeable battery, and we recommend our customers to keep I plugged in all the time.

Q6: Is there a way to mute the microphone?

A6: yes, you can mute the microphone in the menu setting.

Q7: Can I use the Carcam-SD as a vandalism recorder?

A7: Yes, the camera will record as long as power is supplied to it. However, please make sure the power outlet on your car doesn’t turn off with the ignition or utilize manual recording on battery power up to 1 hour of recording.

Q8: There type of MicroSD card is recommended for the Carcam-SD?

A8: We recommend to go with any MicroSD cards that are Class 6 or higher with higher transfer rating for high resolution recording. ie. SanDisk, Samsung, etc.

Q9: Can I use a larger SD card, such as a 64GB, and partition to two 32GB partitions?

A9: No. the reason is the SD type for 64GB and beyond is SDXC, and 32GB is SDHC, and Carcam-SD supports SDHC.