Q1: What is a STATIC IP address & why do I need one?
A1:When a device is connected to your network, you can access it by entering the IP address that has been assigned to that device into a web browser. Internet service providers (ISPs) supply a dynamic IP address to most customers. A dynamic IP address is like a phone number that changes every time you hang up your phone making it hard for you to connect to that device, while a static IP address never changes.  Only your ISP can provide you with a static IP address and they will usually charge a monthly fee for that service. In order for you to gain consistent access to your network cameras you will need a static IP address. 


Q2: Can I use dial up internet connection to access my NDVR8?
A2: Using dial up to host video is virtually impossible. The biggest issue is that the bandwidth provided is insufficient for streaming video.



Q3: Does my computer need to be on all the time in order to access my DVR remotely?
A3: No. Once the NDVR8 has been configured for remote accessibility you can access the DVR as long as it is powered on.



Q4: Can I add more than 8 cameras to my DVR?
A4: No.   The NDVR8 is only capable of supporting up to 8 cameras; however you can have multiple NDVR8’s in one location to help accommodate your needs.



Q5: There is no picture from my camera.
A5: Check all connections to the camera and the DVR.



Q6: There is a white glare showing on one of my cameras at night, why is that?
A6: Make sure the camera is not facing a window, the IR lens act as a flashlight, reflecting it off the window and back at the camera.



Q7: Can I record each camera individually?
A7: Yes, each camera has its own recording capability.



Q8: What kind of connector do the cameras use to connect to the DVR system?
A8: The connectors are BNC connectors.



Q9: Why is my remote control not working?
A9: Make sure there are batteries in the remote control or that there are no object obstructing between the receiver sensor and the remote control.



Q10: What kind of monitors can i use to view the cameras?
A10: Any TV that has an “AV IN” port, any computer monitor that has a “VGA” port.



Q11: Do I need to setup port forwarding in order to remote access from the internet?

A11: No, this system is equipped with auto ID plug and play which means no port forwarding is necessary.  Once everything is setup on the local area networking side, go to www.ipremoteview.com or www.ipremoteview.cn to login using the auto ID (auto ID can be found on the back of the DVR or in the DVRs menu).  However, if remote accessing from the internet does not work, please setup port forwarding in case the auto ID plug and play does not come through.



Q12:  What port should I be forwarding if the auto ID plug and play does not work well in my situation?

A12: You should be forwarding TCP range of ports 8998~9001.



Q13:  What App should be using if I’m planning to remote access using my Smartphone?

A13:  Please advanced to the App Store or Google Play to search for and download “MobileEye” Smartphone application.