DigiLCDDVR Series Customer Review
11/27/2013     AntGarb     Washington
I love the camera works great bought extra camera had a light little difficulty getting an extra cord so I just went to Radio Shack instead and also any technical advice I’ve gotten from Michael who is a great customer service representative and was very friendly and knowledgeable thank you very much. More Detail
2/7/2013     KK     AUSTIN, TX
Great system! I’ve had wireless systems before but this exceeded my expectations. It was up and running as soon as I could get my old cameras down and these up. Easy monitor and controls. It does come with everything you need including an AV cable to hook up directly to a TV or monitor for easier viewing. Though the small monitor on the control panel is small, it helps to adjust all the controls as you monitor. Takes pictures or video, sensitivity settings, motion detection and alarm off or on, single cam views rotating or 4 cam view, many different options on settings, it’s all great. I liked it so much, I added the other 2 cameras ($85.00 each shipped @ DIY Controls) and added a 128GB SD and it’s set to record days of pictures or video. Would recommend and would buy again. More Detail