SM-SIGN (Reflective Warning Sign) Q & A
Q1: Is the sign weatherproof?


A1: Yes, the SM-SIGN is designed for out door use.

Q2: Are the smaller window stickers designed for outdoor use?


A2: No, the little security warning stickers are not designed for outdoor use.

Q3: Can I put more than one sign on my property?


A3: Yes, you may use as many reflective signs as you want.

Q4: If i use rechargeable batteries, will the solar panel charge my rechargeable batteries?


A4: Yes, if the rechargeable batteries are in use and there is enough lighting in the environment, the solar panel will charge the rechargeable batteries.

Q5: How do I put the stake in to the ground?


A5:  Place the sharp end of the stake in the ground and step on the 3/4″ peg to secure the stake into the ground.  The peg should be leveled to the ground when installed correctly.

Q6: Will the sign hold up against strong winds?


A6: Yes, please make sure that you secure the stake well and deep into the ground for a more sturdier stand.