PanBase Q & A
Q1: Can a second Remote Control Panbase be configured to have a different frequency to avoid simultaneous operation?
A1:No. All Panbase units are preset at 433Mhz & cannot be changed to another frequency. If more than one Panbase is to be used, then they must operate & pan simultaneously when any one remote controller is used. To separate the pan/rotation direction of each individual unit, begin by mounting the desired camera onto Panbase no.1, turn it on, & adjust the camera direction. Turn off with the RC.Next, mount another camera onto Panbase no.2, turn it on, & adjust the camera direction. Turn off with the RC. Repeat steps with additional Panbase units. Use any RC to turn both Panbase units on at once. They now have a different panning direction. Finally, push the RC’s left/right buttons to have each Panbase continue to pan/rotate at the preset directions.
Q2: Can PanBase be used outdoor?A2: PanBase is designed for indoor use only, it is not weatherproof and therefore, cannot be used outdoor.
Q3: Can I decrease the rotation angle to be less than 370 degrees (manufacturer default angle)?A3: Yes, the rotatioin angle can be decrease from 370 degrees down to 180 degrees, 110 degrees and etc.; however, it requires minor modifications, please click here for detail instruction.