NDVR-04 & CR04N Network DVRs Q & A
Q1: IP address, how can Local Area Network is accessible, but internet remote access is not working?
A1: Please configure your router to have port 5000-5001 (NDVR-04) and 14337~14338 (CR04N) open in order for both video and audio of the local DVRs to transmit through the router for internet remote access.
Q2: My ISP subscription is dynamic IP, I do not have fixed/static IP address, how can I setup to be able to remote monitor over the internet under dynamic IP?
A2:For dynamic IP users remote access can be accomplish by the following manners:(1) Using third party software that can be used to detect the changes in dynamic IP and send out the IP changes to email address, software such as IPWatcher, Dynamic IP Monitor, etc.
(2) Register for DDNS account from any of the following website; http://www.dyndns.com , http://i-dvr.net , http://www.no-ip.com , http://www.ddns.it , http://www.freedns.com , or any other DDNS registering site.

i) Can I use DDNS services for NDVR-04/CR04N system?
1) The NDVR-04/CR04N client software does not support DDNS, however; after registering for the #2 above from a DDNS registering site, a DDNS client software may be installed into the hosting computer for DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) support. Then access the DVR system by using the dynamic domain. DDNS client software such as myDynIPPro, FTP server (most FTP server featured DDNS service), and etc.


**Most SOHO router/firewall have DDNS service built-in, in such cases DDNS client software is not required.


**Some registering DDNS services are Free DDNS and others are Paid Customized DNS.

Q3: There is a flashing red dot on my software viewer.  What does that signified?
It signified the HDD Full notification.  Make sure that you have your NDVR-04 settings configured to automatically overwrite old files.