SMC-2008 Security Monitoring Controller Q & A
Q1: Why SMC or viewing PC can not get dial-up connection?
A1: First, check the phone line cable and see whether it is standard. If it is, check the tightness of phone line connection. Also, check SMC’s or viewing PC’s “Telephone Book” setup to see whether it has the right phone number(s).
Q2: Why does SMC or viewing PC drop the line right after its connection?
A2: Check the “Telephone Book” to see whether it has the correct ID and Password of the SMC. Both ID and Password have to match. Or, the remote SMC’s “Routine Dial” has set and was not able to send back the information due to the busy line encountered. The failed “Routine Dial” information was saved in the memory. When another dial-up was made and connected from a SMC or viewing PC, the remote SMC then sends out the saved information and drops the line as pre-programmed.
Q3: Can I use 220 VAC for SMC?
A3: The adapter for SMC is good for 100~240VAC.
Q4: Can I use SMC to control any regular electronic device?
A4: Yes, you can use SMC to control on/off switch of any regular electronic device that is connected to the RCU output.
Q5: Can I connect a fax line to the SMC without ordering a new line?
A5: Yes, you can share your fax line with SMC by using our Cybercom phone line-sharing device.
Q6: Can I use mobile phone with SMC?
A6: No. Currently, mobile phones carry 9600 baud bandwidth or under, not enough for video transmission.
Q7: Can SMC record?
A7: You must connect a VCR or our digital recorder SVR-2001 to it for recording.
Q8: Will power outage disable/reset SMC?
A8: Yes, it will. UPS is recommended for backup power.
Q9: Does SMC work with combination of color CCD and B/W CCD cameras?
A9: Yes, it does.
Q10: Does SMC work with NTSC or PAL standard?
A10: Yes, it works with any of them.
Q11: How to integrate existing CCTV equipment like switcher, quad processor, and multiplexer with SMC?
A11: Use “T” connector for the needed 4 cameras video source. Or treat the existing CCTV equipment video out as a single video source.
Q12: What is the distance limit for the hardwired CCD camera of SMC?
A12: 100 meters (or 350ft.).
Q13: Why does the SMC drop after a few minutes into video transmission?
A13: The remote alarm triggering SMC did not successfully transmit all the video images out. The images sit in the temporary memory. And, the next connection is made with transmitting those images first, then drops.
Q14: What causes the image refresh rate to become slower?
A14: The movement scale of the scene makes the difference in the image refresh rate. The SMC transmits only the moving video images and the rest of area remains still. The more movement involved in the scene, the more data amount is needed to transmit. So, the remote viewer may see a slower updating picture in a larger movement scenery.
Q15: Can high quality CCD camera affect the remote viewing images?
A15: Yes, it can. The better quality of CCD camera creates better transmitting images.
Q16: Is SMC-2008 compatible with a V8 camcorder?
A16: Yes, it is compatible. A V8 camcorder can be connected to one of the CCD input.
Q17: Can SMC-2008 be able to configure or edit remote configurations?
A17: Yes, but some functions can not be opened for remote configuration.
Q18: Can the RCU be controlled by the remote SMC-2008 while on line?
A18: Yes, the RCU can be controlled on line. But, there will be some delay. If there is no control at all, please check the following:
(1) Check the cable connection.
(2) Check the power cord.
(3) Check the RCU ID and its binary Dip-switch setup for correspondence.
Q19: Why does the control for the local RCU reacts slowly?
A19: The delaying control is due to the non-correspondent RCU(s), which is (are) configured in the SMC but not installed. The SMC will need time to search for the non-existing RCU(s), which enlisted in its configuration. Deleting the non-existing RCU ID(s) from the configuration can solve this problem.
Q20: How can I make a nighttime surveillance?
A20: (1) Integrate a light with RCU to remotely turn on or off when needed.
(2) Use night vision CCD cameras or add illuminator(s) to your regular CCDs.
Q21: Does SMC-2008 provide audio function in duplex?
A21: Yes.
Q22: Is there any delay for audio transmission?
A22: Yes, normally, there is a 3-5 seconds delay in correspondence with communication. Do not expect immediate reply after you have spoken.
Q23: What if I forgot the password(s)?
A23: Contact your supplier or installer for service.
Q24: Can I change password(s) remotely?
A24: Yes, password(s) can be changed remotely while on line.
Q25: Is SMC’s ID necessary?
A25: No, but it is recommended to identify SMC location.
Q26: What causes background noise?
A26: Check the microphone gain (Mic. Gain). It may have set too high and too sensitive.
Q27: Why there is no picture(s) after turning on the SMC?
A27: If the SMC have been moved, it probably loosened the memory model. For solution, open the box and insert the RAM back to the slot tightly.
Q28: Can I make an automatic alarm recording with VCR?
A28: Yes, you can by the integration of SMC, RCU, and VCR.