DUMCAM-SLM (Solar Spotlight Dummy Camera) Q & A

Q1: Is there an ON/OFF power switch on the DUMCAM-SLM model?
A1: Yes, you must open the compartment and switch the power to the ON position.  Be sure to latch the cover back securely.


Q2: What size batteries does the camera use?
A2: The DUMCAM uses 3 double “A” batteries, 3 x AA rechargeable batteries are included.


Q3: Can I use the camera without batteries since its “Solar”?
A3: No, the batteries are included.  Please do not remove the rechargeable batteries which is required for the solar panel to function and provide power to the spot light LED.


Q4: Why is the LED not as bright?
A4: This could be because the batteries are not completely charged.  For optimum performance, please leave the solar dummy camera out in the sun for 8~12 hours.


Q5: Can I adjust the time on how long the LED can turn on when there are motion is detected?
A5: No, the time that the spot light led comes is fixed from factory.


Q6: Is the camera covered under warranty if water seeps in and corrods the batteries?
A6: Yes, the Dumcam has a 1 year warranty exchange.


Q7: Does the camera have audio?
A7: No, All Dumcam’s do not have any audio nor Recording capability.

Q8: What is Motion PIR?
A8: PIR is a passive infrared motion detector used to detect body heat or drastic movement or environment light changes.


Q9: Do I need to post any “Warning Signs” up when using a Dummy Camera?
A9: No. Warning signs are not required, but they do help enhance the presence of security when used.