Q1: How can I strengthen my Wi-Fi signal to reach the location where my camera is at?
A1: You can purchase a Wi-Fi repeater, which can be placed at the midway point between the camera and your router to re-broadcast your existing Wi-Fi signal.


Q2: Does my CLOCKCAM-WIFI always need be connected to my router using the Ethernet cable?
A2: No, one of the CLOCKCAM-WIFI’s main features is that it can be accessed using your Wi-Fi network.  Please refer to the quick start guide and user’s manual for details on how to set this up.


Q3: What is the maximum size micro SD card that can be inserted in the CLOCKCAM-WIFI and does it support standard SD card?
A3: The maximum micro sd card it can support is up to 32GB.  Standard SD card will not be compatible with the CLOCKCAM-WIFI module.


Q4: Can i access my CLOCKCAM-WIFI, IPcam-SD, IPCAM-SDII & PIRSD-WIFI remotely using the same Smartphone app?
A4: Yes, the IPcam Live app can be used to access all 4 devices.


Q5: Can I use the CLOCKCAM-WIFI outdoors?
A5: No, the CLOCKCAM-WIFI has no IP rating and is designed for indoor use only.


Q6: How many CLOCKCAM-WIFIcan I have in only location.
A6: You can have as many cameras as your network permits.  However our CMS software will only allow you to manage 64 cameras, while our Smartphone app will allow you to add up to 8 devices and view only 4 at a time.


Q7: Does the CLOCKCAM-WIFI record video & audio?
A7: No, under wiretapping laws, it’s illegal to record oral communication in a surreptitious manner, such as with a hidden camera or other secret recording device in public places.


Q8: Does the CLOCKCAM-WIFI always need to be plugged into a power outlet?
A8: Yes, one of the CLOCKCAM-WIFI’s main features is its ability to record to a Micro SD card and broadcast its images over a network.  Therefore it would be impossible to operate solely on batteries.


Q9: Do I need to do port forwarding to connect to the CLOCKCAM-WIFI from my Andriod?
A9: No, CLOCKCAM-WIFI uses a P2P server and it contained a QR code that allow you to scan with your phone APP and enable you to connect without having port forwarding.


Q10: Can I view the CLOCKCAM-WIFI on my computer?
A10: Yes, With our CMS ( Central Management Software ) you may connect to the CLOCKCAM-WIFI. With the CMS you are able to view live video feed and also do playback.


Q11: What is the viewing angle on the camera?
A11: 65° horizontal, 45° vertical.


Q12: What is the distance for night vision?
A12: Unfortunately CLOCKCAM-WIFI does not have Night vision, but it featured low light rating of 0.1 lux.


Q13: How far can I place my clockcam from the wireless router?
A13: This depends on your Wireless routers wifi range. standerd Router Wifi ranges anywhere from 50~150ft.


Q14: I have the camera connected to my router but I keep getting “failed to connect”?
A14: A firewall built into the router may be preventing it from assigning the camera an IP address.  Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button located on the side of the camera for a long 40 seconds so that the camera can sync itself to your routers configuration.