Q1: Can the IPCAM-SDII camera in an outdoor environment?
A1: Yes.


Q2: I know there is an internal 8GB built inside the IPCAM-SDII, can I upgrade the 8GB built-in memeory?
A2: Yes, it can be upgraded up to 32GB. We recommended to use a class 6 or higher micro SD card.  Please click on the link below to view a step-by-step guide on how to replace the internal micro SD card.





Q3: Can the IPCAM-SDII camera pan, tilt, or zoom?
A3: No, it cannot be pan, tilt or zoom.  The IPCAM-SDII is a fixed lens indoor/outdoor camera.


Q4: The camera continues to lose signal at random times when I use my phone. What is causing this?
A4: Because DHCP is checked by default, the camera receives a new IP address from the router every so often. Once wifi has been established on your phone, you will need to go to the device’s settings to disable the DHCP.


Q5: How can I strengthen my Wi-Fi signal to reach the location where my camera is at?
A5: You can purchase a Wi-Fi repeater, which can be placed at the midway point between the camera and your router to re-broadcast your existing Wi-Fi signal.


Q6: Can I access my IPCAM-SDII, CLOCKCAM-WIFI, IPcam-SD & PIRSD-WIFI remotely using the same Smartphone app?
A6: Yes, the IPcam Live app can be used to access all 4 devices.


Q7: Does my IPCAM-SDII always need be connected to my router using the Ethernet cable?
A7: No, one of the IPcam-SDII’s main features is that it can be accessed using your Wi-Fi network.  Please refer to the quick start guide and user’s manual for details on how to set this up.


Q8: How many IPCAM-SDII’s can I have in only location?
A8: You can have as many cameras as your network permits.  However our CMS software will only allow you to manage 64 cameras, while our Smartphone app will allow you to add up to 8 devices and view only 4 at a time.


Q9: Does the ClockCam-WiFi record video & audio?
A9: No, under wiretapping laws, it’s illegal to record oral communication in a surreptitious manner, such as with a hidden camera or other secret recording device in public places.


Q10: Does the IPcam-SDII always needs to be plugged into a power outlet?
A10: Yes, one of the IPcam-SDII’s main features is its ability to record to a Micro SD card and broadcast its images over a network.  Therefore it would be impossible to operate solely on batteries.


Q11: If i set my camera to motion detect will my dog or cat set off the motion recording?
A11: NO, IPCAM-SDII has a built in PIR motion sensor. PIR motion sensor only detects human body heat.


Q12: Does the IPCAM have a back-up battery?
A12: NO, IPCAM-SDII needs constant 110v power in order to function.


Q13: What if one day my QR code are un-scannable, what can I do?
A13: If one day the QR code is washed away or un-scan able, you will have access the camera using the CMS (software included) and advanced to “Info” table to find the Serial ID number.  Input the Serial ID number under P2P on your phone APP.


Q14: Can I Mount The IPcam upside down?
A14: Yes, if you do mount the IPCAM-SDII upside down you will need to manually change the setting to flip the image.