Having trouble getting a reliable Wi-Fi signal in some parts of your home or putting up a Wi-Fi outdoor camera [like the SecurityMan IPCAM-SD, CLOCKAM-WIFI, IPCAM-SDII, PIRSD-WIFI, etc]? Then a Wi-Fi repeater could be the solution for you.

Wi-Fi repeaters can be used to extend the coverage area of your current Wi-Fi signal.  They work by connecting your existing Wi-Fi network, amplifying its signal and then re-broadcasting the boosted signal from wherever the repeater is.  With a Wi-Fi repeater you can eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots in your home or office, reach far corners, different floors, or even extend the coverage to your yard.  Wi-Fi repeaters are:


• Easy & Simplified installation
• Eliminate Network dead spots by extending your existing routers signal to greater distances
• Perfect all SecurityMan Wi-Fi based security systems, Smart TV’s, gaming consoles and any Wi-Fi dependent devices such as the SecurityMan IPCAM-SD, CLOCKCAM-WIFI, IPCAM-SDII, PIRSD-WIFI, & etc.


Here are just a few Wi-Fi repeaters that have been tested and are known to have worked with the SecurityMan DIY Wi-Fi camera products:


Netgear: EX6100
Amped Wireless: SR10000