Full HD Carcam with GPS Log

The SecurityMan CARCAMGPS ™ featured app based wifi with “Hand Gesture” technology which allows you to save an instant snapshot along with a 10 second video clip by simply moving your hand under the camera. CARCAMGPS ™ lets you capture crystal clear HD footage with time, speed & location data so you can easily keep track of scenic travel, traffic accidents and any unexpected moments as they occur. Both video and audio are automatically recorded in an endless loop and stored onto a Micro-SD card (not included) and if a vehicle collision occurs, the built-in G-sensor automatically locks the files so they can be automatically synced to the Smartphone app once connected, preventing them from being overwritten by the system providing an accurate record of events for that peace of mind.


IMPORTANT NOTE: T-Mobile iPhone users are required to turn off the Cellular Data of the SM CARCAMGPS mobile App in order to connect to the CARCAMGPS for live video streaming.  Please note when the Cellular Data is off, the map log will not display properly until the iPhone is connected to WiFi or enabled Cellular Data.   

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MSRP: $159.99  


• 150 degree wide angle lens
• High definition 1080P Full HD video quality and real time recording (30fps)
• GPS data log pinpointing location (latitude/longitude) with date/time and speed
• Hand Gestured Triggering capturing instant snapshot and video
• App accessible via wifi to iPhone and Android Smartphone
• Auto overwrite when memory card is full
• Smart impact sensing recording locks 5-sec pre-event and 20-sec after event (save events for App synchronization)
• Records up to 16.5hr on Full HD resolution of videos on a 64GB micro SD card (not included)
• Audible voice prompts assisting in setup and usage
• Records 30 second continuous video clips 

Note:  Please reference the “Comparison” chart provided. It will give you great insight on why our car camera system is well designed and built to comply with DMV laws and regulations.


ICON Spec ICON Comparsion ICON Press

Product Contents

• Car camera recorder
• Suction cup mounting bracket
• GPS/Micro USB power cable (13ft)
• 2-Port USB cigarette lighter adapter
• User manual
• Warning stickers
(SD card not included)

* Note: Micro SD card is not included. CARCAMGPS supports up to 64 GB Micro SD with Class 6 or above.

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