DIGILCDNDVR (Network) Series Q & A

Q1: Do I have to seat the 7″ monitor to the network cradle in order for me to remote monitor from my Smartphone and tablet?
A1: Yes, the 7″ monitor is required to be properly seated to the network cradle.  Please be sure to matched up the arrows between the monitor and the cradle.  If the monitor is not plugged into the cradle, you cannot remotely monitor your cameras.  Moving the monitor from the network cradle only if you want to locally monitor your cameras while you are home (locally).


Q2: Can I add more cameras to the monitor/receiver?
A2: Yes, you can add a total of 4 cameras (a mixture of SM-816DTX or SM-821DT (PTZ)) to the monitor/receiver.


Q3: Can I buy two of the DIGILCDNDVR series kits and use them in the same location without any interference?
A3: Yes, two or more DIGILCDNDVR2 kits may be used in the same location because they used 2.4GHz digital wireless signal with rotated frequencies to avoid signal interceptions between each kit.


Q4: Can I use more than one monitor/receiver to monitor the same camera?
A4: No, for security purposes each camera can only be paired to one receiver.  This keeps the signal from being hacked and prevents others from accessing your cameras.  As a solution, you can download the Smartphone app and use any app related device (phone, tablet etc) to view the cameras. Please refer to the user’s manual and quick start guide for more details.


Q5: Are the cameras from the DIGILCDNDVR (network) series systems compatible with the non-network DIGILCDDVR/DIGIAIRWATCH series [SM-371DR (monitor) or SM-804DR (Receiver)]?
A5: No, the SM-816DTX and SM-821DT cameras from the DIGILCDNDVR series are NOT compatible with the DIGILCDDVR/DIGIAIRWATCH series.


Q6: Do I need an Internet to use this camera system?
A6: No, the DIGILCDNDVR series camera system do not require an Internet to operate, although you will need Internet for the systems in order to be able to viewed on your Smartphone and tablet.


Q7: Is there a bigger screen for the monitor or can I connect this monitor to a larger monitor screen?
A7: Since there is no audio/video output port on the monitor, it cannot be connected to a larger monitor screen. We do NOT carry larger monitor for the DIGILCDNDVR series. The images can only be viewed from the monitor, phone, or tablet.


Q8: Can I take the monitor with me when I leave my house/office and still be able to view my cameras?
A8: No, the monitor/receiver can never leave the location where the cameras are at. And for remote monitoring, the monitor/receiver unit is REQUIRED to be on the network cradle.


Q9: The cameras are wireless, can i make it into a hard wired system? 
A9: No, the cameras are wireless designed and cannot be converted into hard wired cameras.


Q10: How long does it take to fully charge the 1800mAh internal battery in the monitor/receiver, and how long will the rechargeable battery last?
A10: The 1800mAh takes about 6 hours to fully charged, it has a 2 hours stand-by time and a 1 hour record time.


Q11: Does every camera have its own IP address?
A11: The receiver is the only device within the system that requires a IP address.


Q12: Will the day light saving automatically change the hour two times a year?
A12: No, the day light saving will have to manually checked or unchecked based on your local time change.


Q13: Is the phone app free to download?
A13: Yes, the app is free to download in Google play for Android smart devices and the apple store for all the apple devices. You may search for “WatchBot”.


Q14: Is there computer software available to view the cameras on the computer?
A14: No, we do NOT offer PC/MAC software for the DIGILCDNDVR series because this is an app based designed application.


Q15: What is the viewing angle of the SM-821DT PTZ camera?
A15: 45° degrees horizontal, 120° degrees vertical.


Q16: Can I use the SM-821DT PTZ camera outdoors?
A16: No, the camera has no IP rating and is designed for indoor use only.