Q1: Is there any way to deactivate my motion sensors at night so that I don’t trip the alarm when we move around?
A1: Yes. Launch the HomeBot app and tap on the motion sensor icon to display the sensor list and then deactivate any sensor by taping on the green active/reactive slider to deactivate the sensor of your choice.


Q2: Can I add more than 1 IWATCHALARMD system or Alarm Host to the HomeBot application?
A2: Yes, more than 1 IWATCHALARMD system or Alarm Host can be added to the HomeBot application to control multiple alarm systems in different locations.


Q3: Can I add the HomeBot app to multiple devices such as iPhone, Android, and Tablet?
A3: Yes.  All you have to do is install the app and scan the QR code located on the back side of the alarm host.  There is no need to do any setup on the secondary device or third device and so on.


Q4: Are there any monthly monitoring fees when using the IWATCHALARMD system?
A4: No.  This unit is “self monitored” and do not require monthly fee.


Q5: Will this system work with a traditional land line?
A5: No. This is an internet based system and it is not compatible with traditional land line.  The IWATCHALRMD requires an internet connection (Hardwire or WiFi).


Q6: If my internet is down will this system allow me to remotely connect to it and/or give me alert push notifications?
A6: No.  If your internet is down,  you will not be able to establish connection to the IWATACHALARMD system or get alert push notification.


Q7: Can any of the sensors included be used outdoor?
A7: No.  All the sensors are designed to be used indoor only.


Q8: Can I use my existing alarm components with the IWATCHALARMD system?
A8: No.  Not all systems are the same.  Each company uses their own coding and programming making the sensors supplied with your current system proprietary to that system only. 


Q9: What is the second antenna used for on my IWATCHALRMD system?
A9: One of the antenna is dedicated for the WiFi signal transmission and the second antenna is dedicated for the wireless devices.


Q10: How many SM-821DTH (Pan-Tilt camera) and/or SM-825DTH (Fixed camera) can I add to the IWATCHALRMD system?
A10: You may add up to a mixture of 4 camera total of any combination.   Cameras that are compatible with the IWATCHALRMD system are the Pan-Tilt SM-821DTH and the fixed SM-825DTH models.


Q11: My remote control does not work when I press on the buttons?
Please pop open the top and bottom covers of the remote control unit and remove the clear plastic used to protect the battery before use.


Q12: Are AA batteries required for the indoor siren to operate normal?
A12: No.  Batteries are not required for the indoor siren in order for it to operate normal.  Three AA batteries can be used as a battery backup in case of power outage.  When batteries are in use, the system will not drain or will not be running off the backup battery.


Q13: When I open the door or split the magnetic sensor away from the emitting piece, the light did not light up?
A13: Please make sure the gaps in between the magnetic and the emitting piece are installed within 1/4″ of an inch.  Double check the battery polarity to ensure positive is to the positive and negative is to the negative. 


Q14: Why did the face plate of the alarm host fell off when i received my IWATCHALARMD system?
A14: We apologize for this inconvenient. Please do not attempt to put the face plate back together and consult with your retailer for an immediate exchange. From Manufacturer standpoint, we will tighten our production quality control a the production level and pay extra attention to our quality control to ensure product are properly assembled.


Q15: Why i cannot pair to my WiFi network, I am using a dual WiFi router that supports both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz?
A15: The IWATCHALARMD system is not compatible with 5.0GHz frequency WiFi band. Please make sure that your mobile phone is connected to your 2.4GHz WiFi (NOT the 5.0GHz) band before attempting to pair and setup your IWATCHALARMD system.


Q16: During pairing, the APP asked me to input my “Password (your wifi pwd)”, what should i input here?
A16: Please input your local WiFi network password in this section, DO NOT input IWATCHALARMD device password in this section.


Q17: Should i change the manufacturer default password after i have successfully setup my IWATCHALRMD system?
A17: Yes, we strongly recommend that you change your device password to protect and secure your alarm system.


Q18: On the indoor siren, the temper switch do not appear to be touching the back wall when i secure the siren?
A18: Please use a small screw driver to pull-out the temper switch a bit so that the temper switch will stick out a little bit further to reach the back wall. The temper switch are flexibly designed.


Q19:The indoor siren have a battery backup slot in case of blackouts, but i have to remove the rubber legs every time i need to access the battery compartment of the indoor siren?
A19: Our original retail package do not include battery and since the siren uses AC power we decided to rubberized the 3 legs to cover up the screws and make the siren presentable. If you plan on using back up battery, we recommend to remove the rubber legs completely.


Q20: Are there any known compatibility with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone in conjunction with certain carrier when I am remote accessing using my data?
A20: Yes, so far the Samsung Galaxy S7 in conjunction with T-Mobile carrier will not be able to remote access using data (If S7 is on WiFi network remote access work well).


Q21: When i called for technical support assistant, why I cannot get through for help?
A21: This may be true back in September of 2016. However, after mid September of 2016 we had replaced our entire phone system. Our new phone system will automatically forward all miscall to our recipient’s email (in this case customer service rep). The forwarded email consist of customer voice message, customer name, customer return number, time they called, and the date when the call was made.


Q22: What number should i be calling for technical assistant on IWATCHALARMD system?
A22: please call our toll free support line at 888-977-3777 between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time Zone, Monday through Friday.


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