SM-825DTH (Fixed Camera) & SM-821DTH (Pan-Tilt Camera) Q & A

Q1: Can I use the cameras in an outdoor environment?
No, the cameras has no IP rating and are designed for indoor use only.


Q2: Can I use the same Camera Live app to access both SM-821DTH (Pan-Tilt Wi-Fi camera) & SM-825DTH (fixed Wi-Fi camera)?
Yes, the Camera Live app can be used to access both the SM-825DTH & SM-821DTH Wi-Fi cameras.


Q3: Can the cameras support AC Wi-Fi network?
No, it can only support 802.11b/g/n, not AC.


Q4: Can I use a 64GB or 128GB micro SD card with these cameras?
No.  The camera will not recognize anything larger than 32GB micro SD class 6 or higher.


Q5: Does my camera always need be connected to my router using the Ethernet cable?
No, the Sm-825DTH Wi-Fi camera do not have Ethernet port. Please refer to the quick start guide and user’s manual for details on how to set up Wi-Fi connection.  SM-821DTH on the other hand are equipped with Ethernet cable and built-in Ethernet port for hard wired internet connection or use Wi-Fi set up. 


Q6: How can I strengthen my Wi-Fi signal to reach the location where my camera is located?
You can purchase a Wi-Fi repeater, which can be placed at the midway point between the camera and your router to re-broadcast your existing Wi-Fi signal.


Q7: Can these cameras be integrated with any of your other SecurityMan products?
Yes, the camera can be integrated with our app based home alarm system, the IWATCHALARMD system using the HomeBot application.


Q8: Can the SM-821DTH pan-tilt camera zoom in or out?
No, there is no zooming capability for the SM-821DTH model.


Q9: Can use a two-way audio to communicate between my iPhone/Android/Tablet and the cameras? 
Yes, the cameras are equipped with a microphone and a speaker designed for two-way audio communication.