Adjustable Door and Window Security Bar (2 Pack)

The SecurityMan SECURITYBAR2 ™ is a heavy duty; dual function security bar made from high grade iron that can secure just about any hinged doors, sliding doors, and/or windows. The SECURITYBAR2 ™ is fully adjustable with an angled rubber bottom that assures full contact and strong grip on all types of floors without scratching them.

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MSRP: $49.99  


• Fully adjustable to ensure full floor and window contact
• Made of high grade iron for added strength
• Compatible with most hinged doors or sliding doors/windows
• Interchangeable caps for hinged door and sliding door/window usage



2-in-1 For door knob, sliding door, & window
Material High grade iron tub
Force 350 lbs max pressure
Adjustable length 22.25” to 43.7” (inch)
Adjustable hole 15 ports
Gauge 1/16” (thickness)
Color White

Outer bar 20.5”x1” / Inner bar 20.5” x .875” (without feet attached)

Weight (net/gross)               

3.0 lbs / 3.5 lbs

Product Contents

• Security bar (4 parts)
• Door caps (4 PCs, black rubber)
• Sliding door & window caps (4 PCs, white rubber)
• User manual

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