Adjustable Door Knob and Window / Sliding Door Security Bar Alarm

The SecurityMan SECURITYBARA ™ is a heavy duty; dual function security bar made from high grade iron that can secure just about any hinged doors, sliding doors, and/or windows. The SECURITYBARA ™ also comes with a 120dB “vibration activated” alarm for added security and is fully adjustable with an angled rubber bottom that assures full contact and strong grip on all types of floors without scratching them.

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MSRP: $49.99  


• Fully adjustable to ensure full floor and window contact
• Made of high grade iron for added strength
• Compatible with most hinged doors or sliding doors/windows
• Interchangeable caps for hinged door and sliding door/window usage
• 120dB vibration activated alarm for added security

• Alarm unit (vibration sensor)
• Up to one year of battery life (1x 9V battery included)• Alarm unit (vibration sensor)


2-in-1 For door knob, sliding door, & window
Material High grade iron tub
Force 350 lbs max pressure
Adjustable length 22.25” to 43.7” (inch)
Adjustable hole 15 ports
Gauge 1/16” (thickness)
Color White
Siren 120 dB
Alarm power req 9 V
Button Arm and Disarm
Size Outer bar 20.5” x 1.0” / Inner bar 20.5” x 0.75” (without feet attached)
Weight (net/gross)                        1.85 lbs / 2.85 lbs

Product Contents

• Alarm unit (vibration sensor)
• Security bar (2 parts)
• Door caps (2PCs, black rubber)
•Sliding door & window caps (2PCs, white rubber)
• Alarm screws/nuts
• 9Volt Battery
• User manual

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