Door Handle Vibration Security Alarm (2 Pack)

The SecurityMan door handle vibration alarm scares off unwanted intruders that tamper with your door. Ideal aid for caregivers that need to monitor the wear-about of children and elderly. Simply hang the alarm on the inside of the door knob. The VIBRATIONALARM™ detects vibration that occurs when someone touches the handle from the outside which triggers an ear piercing alarm sound of 130 dB.

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MSRP: $34.99  


• Extremely loud 130dB siren
• 4 sensitivity levels so you can make adjustments in windy areas
• Works on any type of doorknobs, including metal, French, standard, and plastic doorknobs
• 2 alarm modes (30 sec and continuous)
• Simple to arm and disarm
• Batteries included



Alarm time: 4 hours (continuous)
Alarm mode: 30 seconds (default) or continuous
Delay arm: 5 seconds
Battery: 9 Volt
Decibel: 130 dB
Alarm power: 0.6 W
Standby current: 9 uAh
Product size: 90 X 56 X 28 mm
Net weight: 0.75lb
Gross weight: 1.3lbs

Product Contents

• 2x Vibration alarm with lanyard
• Mounting dry wall screw
• 2x 9V Batteries
• Users manual

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