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 Air-AlarmII Series:
February 2012Thank you Michael for giving me a chance to respond about your product and customer service.  If you check the Walmart web site ,you will see that I have all ready submitted a comment about your product and customer service.  Its titled Love,love my Securityman system. I so Thank You and your company for the excellent customer service I received. When I submitted my Email to your company, with the question I had about installing extra sensors it was on a Saturday. Within a half an hour I got back an Email from the customer service rep that my email had been forwarded to you along with the notation. Michael please call this customer first thing Monday morning.  What a great response. then you sent me the Email first thing Monday morning to please call you, along with you extension number.  It doesn’t get any better then this. Like I told you on the phone I am 70 years old. also I live in a two story house. I have your system setup down stairs. Window/door sensors on the  side of the house that I feel is more vulnerable to break in. The Motion dector is set up by the front door and also covers the stairs that lead to the upstairs.  At night Key chain in hand I go up 4 sets of stairs and click the system on. Do the same thing in the morning to turn the system off. My husband and I are retired so on a limited income. Our  3 children live with in 4 miles of us , so I have the system set up to call them. This unit was very affordable and is saving me a monthly fee, which my budget does not allow for.  So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. for providing customers with an affordable system and excellent customer  service, that makes us feel safe and  secure.
Jan. 2011  I again wanted to share our experience with your AIR-ALARM system.We had recently received the system and I immediately started setting it up.  It was so simple.  While setting it up, my wife complained about the “loudness” of the unit.  We have never had a home alarm system.  In about 20 minutes we had the unit up & working.


We are very “crime conscious”.  We look in the Washington Post as well as the local county’s weekly crime reports.  We moved into a new neighborhood in August, and I noted that the crime rate at our new apartment complex is higher than average.  People get robbed & beaten at the bus stops, Metro train stations as well as in shopping centers & malls.  In our area, day time & night time home invasions happen frequently.  And when the crooks break-in, it isn’t one person, here it is 3 people or more.  They are often armed with guns and other instruments to inflict injury on anyone who is at home.





Security is a high priority to us.





On the 3rd night after we had installed the system, I was awoken at 1:36 am, by this strange loud sound.  It took me a few seconds to realize that the AIR-ALARM system had activated.  I immediately headed to the front door.  The intruders were scared away by the alarm!  I did not bother to call the police until the next morning to file a report. 

Since we live in a garden style apartment building, There are 12 apartment units.  I feel that your alarm not only protected us, it protected our neighbors as well.  When that alarm system is “set off”, it truly scares any attacker(s) away.  When I examined our front door the next morning, it was crystal clear someone had attempted to “kick” the door in, because there were scuff marks as well as a clear dent in the door. 

Your system works.  Both my wife & I have told our neighbors, friends & co-workers about your system.  In the times we now live in, an alarm system is truly a necessity.  And one can’t beat the price & simplicity of your systems. 

Please feel free to use my input as an endorsement of your fine product.  I feel so strongly about your product that I’d be willing to have those who doubt the quality & need of your product to personally email me.

I can’t thank you enough for producing your product.  I can’t imagine what could have happened that night to my family if we had not installed your system.


Alexandria, VA

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