Is Your Digital Phone Service (VoIP) Compatible With Our Air-AlarmII Series?

The SM-8088T is equipped with an analog dialer and may not be compatible with your digital home phone service provider.  Please try all 3 of the following methods when programming your phone number to determine whether or not the host is compatible with your phone provider.


Make sure the host is disarmed and press:


                PRGM_ Password (default is 888)_ENT_01_ENT_ PHONE #_ENT


When entering the PHONE #, please try all the 3 methods listed below until one works.
1. 1 (area code) phone #
2. (area code) phone #
3. Phone # only


You should get a semi long conformation beep if done successfully.  After the confirmation beep press the ENT button a couple times until the programming light goes out and then press the Emergency button and see if you get a call from the host. If none of the 3 methods work, the host is not compatible with your phone line.


01 represents the group number.  Change this number to 02 for the next number and so on.


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